Interviewing Techniques

Here is how you can take action – starting today.

1.1 Interview techniques to attract the best talent.


1.2 Be prepared for the new generation of interviewees.

1.3 Determine the purpose of the interview.

1.4 Develop a structured interview process.

1.5 Eliminate hiring obstacles.

1.6 Write performance based job requisitions.

1.7 Create a scorecard for each position.

1.8 Understand company culture and core values.


2.1 How to conduct a screening interview.

2.2 How to conduct a courtesy interview.

2.3 How to conduct a behavioral interview.

2.4 The benefits of a panel interview.


3.1 Determine the best hire.

3.2 Extending an offer that will be accepted.


4.1 Actively manage your company brand.

4.2 Improve the overall candidate experience.


5.1 Metrics and stay interviews.

5.2 Connect and network.

5.3 Mine your database for future opportunities.


6 Next steps.